Qi gong exercise for healthy & vitality


Monday and Wednesday at 6:30am, Friday at 6:30am and 8am

If you are looking for a shift towards better health and a pain-free life, Qi Gong practice is where to begin. Qi Gong (pronounced chee gung) means exercising Qi, the life-force energy present in every aspect of life. We practice simple slow/controlled movement and visualization to achieve a moving meditative state that cultivates strength, normal range of motion, flexibility, focus, and smooth flow of Qi. Qi Gong in the energetic foundation for all martial arts and most closely resembles Tai Chi. This restorative and energizing exercise is great for all ages and abilities, and especially beneficial to those over 60. Bring water and wear comfortable clothing to move in.


Balanced yoga

Sunday at 10am

A dynamic mix of classic Hatha yoga postures, Qi gong exercises, body weight strength and Taoist philosophy. Class ends with a short guided meditation/savasana. In this class your physical safety at yoga practice is most important, and we workshop postures and demonstrate movements in a clear and concise way for beginners. Please feel free to show up early to discuss any of your injuries or conditions, or email Christian in advance about them.