Our philosophy


Four Gates Physical and Energetic Culture studio is a space for holistic fitness and bodywork. All of our classes and training sessions incorporate a focused, meditative approach that helps us tap into the flow of energy in our bodies.

We seek Self-realization by way of the pleasure principle. By enjoying movement we facilitate our ability to fulfill our highest potential. When exercise feels good we make more progress (it’s true!) and a fun, supportive, compassionate environment makes challenging exercise feel good.

I take advantage of all that Four Gates has to offer: kettlebells, qi gong, and yoga classes, personal training sessions, and acupuncture. The place has something special that I’d never before encountered in more than four decades on the earth trying to develop and sustain health-centered practices. I find myself approaching life with more strength and grounded intentionality as a result of my time there. Since I started going a year ago, my body, mind, and spirit have made steady progress toward a healthier version of myself, and I have Christian and Colleen and the Four Gates community to thank.
— KR
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Four gates of human movement


At Four Gates we break down movement into four categories, all are gates that open to the free flow of Qi (chee).

1. Strength and conditioning
2. Walking and running
3. Energetic movement practices
4. Mobility and recovery


Gate 1: strength and conditioning

This category includes the primal movements of squatting, bending/hinging, lunging, pulling, pushing, twisting and combinations of these. All of them can be done utilizing different energy systems in the body that will produce different effects i.e. muscular endurance, strength/hypertrophy and max strength/power. While kettlebells serve as our primary tool of resistance tor all of these movements, we also use many others to make the workouts fun, functional and challenging, such as barbells, dumbbells, medicine and slam balls, resistance bands, jump ropes, hula hoops and bodyweight exercises. We offer access to strength and conditioning via our classes and personal training sessions.  

Gate 2: walking and running

Walking and running are natural human movements and have been a regular part of daily human life for millennia. Now, chances are that you have never lived a hunter-gatherer lifestyle or foraged for your food, and to the detriment of our bodies, many of us spend hours a day sitting at work, in the car, or relaxing at home. We need to make time and find opportunities for running and/or walking. Both of these  modalities are important for losing weight, increasing our cardio vascular/cardio respiratory endurance and helping us to stay in touch with nature.

At Four Gates we offer workshops in running and walking that are accessible to all levels and help us focus on proper form, technique, and breathing exercises so we can get the most out of our effort. 


Gate 3: Energetic movement practices

Qi Gong, yoga and pilates fall into this category, as well as acupuncture treatments and Qoya movement. All of these offerings allow for an opportunity to move our Qi through intention and awareness of breath, tending to our energetic structure that is the foundation for our physical health. In yoga, Qi Gong and pilates classes we practice slow controlled isometric contractions and Core stability exercises that help us tap into our center, increase our flexibility and core strength, and promote relaxation. 

Gate 4: Mobility and recovery

Mobility and recovery refer to movements and tools that help increase range of motion and flexibility, and treat injured muscle tissue and fascia. By utilizing tools and techniques such as stretching, foam rolling, lacrosse ball rolling, resistance bands and PNF we can help restore normal range motion and normal joint function, heal damage to soft tissue and increase coordination.