We love our studio! This is how it happened…

Southside Minneapolis natives Colleen LaSota and Christian Doten began their healthcare and fitness careers while teaching yoga in New York City. Colleen studied acupuncture at Tri-state College of Acupuncture and Christian attended the Swedish Institute of Health Sciences for massage therapy and personal training. Once they had developed their own private practices in acupuncture, massage and personal training it became clear that working together in one space would be ideal; and once their son Atticus was born, Minneapolis was clearly the best choice for this space. From there Four Gates was created and continues to evolve. We are so grateful to have landed here on Nicollet avenue and be able to share movement and fitness with our supportive community!


Christian Doten

ACE certified personal trainer, Kettlebell Concepts certified trainer, advanced personal training certificate and associates degree in massage therapy and postural/structural assessment from the Swedish Institute of Health Sciences, certified yoga instructor, professional skateboarding enthusiast. 



Colleen LaSota


Masters of Science degree from Tri-State College of Acupuncture in New York City, BA in Spanish from University of Minnesota, Qoya instructor and teacher trainer. I’m always ready to swim in the ocean, enjoy a waterslide, limbo, jump, dance my heart out and play soccer with my son, Atticus.



We are eternally grateful to the teachers who have so generously shared their knowledge and wisdom, to our son Atticus who brought us back to south Minneapolis, and to our parents whose support has equal value to oxygen.