Primal movements are the movements humans are designed to do. They include squating, bending, lunging, pushing, pulling, twisting and gait (walking/running). When we can perform these movement patterns effectively, we are considered functionally fit.

The Four Gates Kettlebell System is based on primal movements and provides a path to optimum health and vitality. We practice kettlebell training with a focus on safety, breath work, proper biomechanics and appropriate weight progressions. The result is increased functional strength and power, a high level of conditioning and a mind-body connection.


Our kettlebell classes focus on fun, functional, full body movements. This means that your strength transfers to your real life, so you can shovel the snow, pick up the kids, improve your race times, easily hold yoga postures, and enhance athletic performance. It is a type of power endurance exercise that increases flexibility and coordination, promotes fluidity in movement and the ability to decelerate quickly-- therefore preventing injuries. When done as a circuit these multiple joint, full body movements produce a cardiovascular/cardio respiratory effect which strengthens your heart and burns calories. Our approach to instruction values mindfulness, attention to detail, and appropriate movement progression,  and all of our classes exceed the minimum requirement for health-based resistance training. You are welcome to practice barefoot or in shoes. We recommend flat soled shoes that are brought separately. Please do not wear street shoes on the studio floor.



How do I start?

Take our Kettlebell Foundations class! Even if you have previous experience with kettlebell training we require that you attend this class to familiarize yourself with our system, our space, and our training techniques. If you are unable to make it to this weekly class you can book a private foundations class with Christian for $20/person – the price of a single class. Email Christian to set up a private or small group foundations class. 

Once you have completed and feel comfortable with the Foundations class, you are ready for our Express Level 1 class. This is a 30-minute power endurance class that will utilize all the exercises learned in Foundations. Once you feel comfortable with Express Level 1 class you are ready for the rest of our kettlebell class options.


If you’ve already completed the Kettlebell Foundations class and want to continue, we are pleased to offer an incredible intro package for new students: 10 classes for $40 (valid for 30 days).





Kettlebell Foundations: Mondays at 6:30 PM

First class is free!

Kettlebell foundations is the cornerstone of our system. In this class you learn the foundational and fundamental kettlebell exercises, as well as the appropriate weights to start with. We will workshop the basic exercises of our system so that new and experienced weightlifters alike will gain deeper insight into these movement patterns. These primary exercises are used and expanded upon in the other classes. You will also learn proper breathing technique– how to use your breath as a way to generate power and stabilize your core. You will come away from this class having learned new exercises, and with a new connection to movement and a confident grasp on a kettlebell! We recommend taking this class 1-3 times during your first month at Four Gates. If you have previous experience with kettlebell training you will likely only take this class once. Remember- this one is on us!



Kettlebell Express

Our most popular class, this 30 minute workout utilizes the exercises from our Kettlebell Foundations class and expands on them. We begin with a warm up, then perform the workout of the day, and finish with a basic stretching series.

We will always demonstrate every exercise, answer questions, and give feedback/proper movement cues so that you can perform the exercises to the best of your ability.



Kettlebell Sacred Circuit

This 60-minute class is a synergy of all that we offer at Four Gates. This class is broken down into 4 parts.

We begin with a variety of Qi Qong and classic bodyweight strength and conditioning exercises as a warm-up.

Next we move into the sacred circuit. This is a super fun station-style circuit that incorporates kettlebells, dumbbells, med balls, power ropes, hula hoops, plyo boxes, bodyweight exercises ,and slam balls.

For the third part of class we move into our open gym. Here you get the opportunity to work on any exercises YOU want to do. It is also a great time to get some tips on specific exercises or even learn more advanced movements from our Express Level 2 series.

And finally we finish with a yoga stretching series and a short guided meditation.