Acupunture FAQ

What needles are used?

The needles used are sterile and single use. 


Do the needles hurt?

Every patient has a different reaction to the needles. Occasionally, there is a slight pinch that accompanies insertion, especially if the individual is sensitive that particular day, but normally the needles are painless. After the needle is inserted, there may be a sensation of slight numbness, tingling, a dull ache, or heaviness in the area. This is normal and and connected to the arrival of Qi. 


How deep do the needles go?

The depth of needle insertion depends on the area being needled and the size, age and condition of the patient. Typically, needles are inserted at depths ranging from 1/8” to 1 ½”.


Are the needles clean?

All the needles are clean, sterile, and single-packaged for disposable use only.


What can I expect after the treatment?

Most patients will notice some relief of their complaint after the treatment is over. This may last until the following morning or for a few days. It will depend on the nature of the disorder and for how long it has been present. Generally, when the treatment is over patients feel energized or deeply relaxed.


How many treatments will it take to feel results?

Ideally after the first treatment you should feel a positive shift- especially if we are treating a pain condition. It usually takes 3-6 to hold the results without continual treatment, but we can also space them out as far apart as possible. Know that we can always consult before you set up your first appointment, and I will let you know (to the best of my ability) what a typical treatment schedule looks like for the conditions we are addressing. Generally speaking, the longer you have had the condition, the longer it will take to achieve lasting results — BUT you will feel improvement along the way!